Rewards Program

Earn points every step of the way! The more points you accumulate the more discount you get!

For every $1 that you spend you will earn 10 points. When you get to 500 points you will get $5 off your purchase. 

This excludes shipping, taxes, or any other fees associated with purchase. For any returns or exchanges points will be deducted from original purchase amount. This does not apply for in-store purchases. Other promotional coupons are not valid when redeeming points. Some Brands or products may be excluded from the rewards/loyalty program.

Invite a friend to register and make a first purchase and earn 500 points. Invitation. When a friend accepts the invitation and makes a first purchase you the inviter will get 500 points to use instantly towards your purchsase. You will be notified by email that you have earned those points, you can also view your points by logging in to your account. The maximum points you can use per order is 1500. 

Write an authorized review and earn 250 points. Purcahse has to be verified in order to write a review. That is $2.50 off your order.

Redemption of Points - You can redeem your points as long as you have accumulate enough for $ discount. For example, 250 points = $2.50 off your purchase, 500 points = $5 off your purchase, 1000 points = $10 off your purchase, 1250 points = $25 off your purchase. 

You can view your points by logging into your account at any time. Enjoy shopping on  View terms and conditions for restrictions. 

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